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Waiver and Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that activities* of PROBUS By the Bay (the ‘Club‘) in which I participate may involve risks, which are beyond the control of the Club.

Notwithstanding the existence of such risks, I hereby release the Club, its officers, directors, volunteers, and members from all claims for injury or damage arising as a result of my participation in any activity organized by the club. I affirm that I am aware of the nature of the activity, its length, duration and degree of difficulty and that I am properly equipped and physically able to participate. I have no medical or other conditions that preclude me from participation. I agree to follow the instructions of the leader.

I voluntarily assume the risks associated with communicable diseases including but not limited to Covid 19.

I agree to pay the costs of any emergency evacuation of me or belongings that may be necessary.

I have read this waiver and assumption of risk and I fully understand it.

*Activities include general meetings and all PROBUS-sponsored events.

If you have any special health issues or other concerns that could affect your safe participation in any of the above activities, you must inform the activity leader.

Members of PROBUS by the Bay are aware that the newsletter, including pictures and activities, posted on the website, will possibly be viewed by non-members of PROBUS By The Bay.

PROBUS by the Bay

P.O Box 8017
175 First Street

Collingwood, Ontario

L9Y 2L0

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